Skin Tightening

​Laser Skin Tightening uses leading laser technology to bulk heat the skin to certain temperatures in order to cause collagen contracture. The heat will then metabolise unhealthy fibres and cells causing a stimulation to the fibroblast cells (these produce collagen and elastin fibres). This process works to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and improve the overall texture of the skin. Laser Skin Tightening can be used on any area where there is a loss of collagen.

For optimum results, we recommend 6 treatments at fortnightly or monthly intervals. The procedure is quick and comfortable, with minimal downtime.


No sun exposure 2 weeks prior and daily use of Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+ sunscreen.


Redness and heat in the skin normally subsides within 3-4 hours. Post-treatment, it’s important to keep the skin cool, calm and hydrated. Minimal sun exposure, exercise and heat on the treated area is recommended. The use of Skinstitut’s RF aftercare pack is recommended for the next 7 days. Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser, Enzymatic Micro Peel, Multi-Active Mist, Rejuvenate 15 & Age Defense SPF 50+.