What is Teeth Whitening?

If you believe that you need to get your teeth professionally whitened at a dentist’s office to see real results, think again. With our innovative products and services, you can get the brightest, whitest smile you’ve ever seen, and you can do it all within 30 minutes.

People often throw the terms “teeth whitening” and “bleaching” around interchangeably. However, according to the FDA, teeth are “whitened” when they are lightened to match their natural colour, and they are “bleached” when they are whitened beyond their natural shade.

Our L.E.D.-accelerated carbamide peroxide trays whiten teeth more efficiently and safely than any other at-home methods available, and they’re just as effective as other, more expensive whitening methods you’ll see in many dentists’ offices.

Why do Teeth Stain?

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they’re going to get darker as you age. Some stains from things like coffee, cola, and dark coloured foods develop relatively evenly over all of your teeth and tend to accumulate over time. Other stains such as those developed from smoking cigarettes develop as unattractive, uneven patches on your teeth. Your teeth can even grow darker in colour due to side effects of certain medications and antibiotics.

Fortunately, you can battle any and all of these staining factors with our amazing whitening products. Why not try the most affordable, effective method available for brightening your smile today?

How Does it Work ?

​With this method, you will receive a pre-filled tray (which looks a lot like a mouth guard). It is filled with whitening gel and the customer places it in their mouth, we then place our LED Accelerator to help activate the gel long enough to lighten the teeth. This process takes 30 minutes and will leave your teeth 4 to 8 shades brighter.

teeth whitening by Laser Clinic